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Alternative Gift Giving

Alternative Gift Giving

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This alternative gift certifies that you are directly changing the lives of our Troopers – and that you are awesome for doing so! 

This gift is sent directly to you with a card and envelope for your ease when sending to your loved one.

Pilates Session

Pilates is vital for amputees and those with limb absence. Core strength is lost due to the lack of mobility. This means amputees must focus more on their physical wellbeing to live well day to day and Pilates is often the answer! 

Ampu-Teas Session

Our Ampu-Teas is our most popular club and for good reason! It’s a warm and welcoming atmosphere for our Troopers to meet for a coffee, have a chat, share advice and make friends. Isolation is a huge issue within the amputee community and this club is the first step for our Troopers to get out the house and build their confidence back up.

Block of Gym Sessions

Physical wellbeing is important for amputees and those with limb absence. It not only keeps you fit but improves your mental health too. We have seen the amazing benefits this has had on our Troopers’ confidence as they regularly attend our gym sessions.

Block of Swimming Sessions

Amputees and those with limb absence often struggle with their confidence and body image. Our swimming sessions help our Troopers embrace their body image in a comfortable and friendly environment with the help of peer support. Swimming is also great for physical wellbeing.

Counselling Session

Living as an amputee or someone with limb absence means that on top of the struggles that we all live with, mental health can pose more of an issue. The mental journey is often more difficult to face than the physical which is why being able to provide our Troopers with counselling is crucial. We have seen a big difference in our Troopers who have visited our Counsellors for support.

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